CBSE Class 10 Results

About CBSE Board

CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the biggest education boards in the country and has over 19000 schools affiliated to it. CBSE is the planning and deciding authority for the curriculum, academics, extracurriculars and examinations held in these schools.

About CBSE Class 10 Results and exams

CBSE conducted the Board exams for the Classes 10 and 12 in the month of March and April in the year 2018. The exams are held nationwide and are taken by over a million students combined. This year, the exams for Class 10 commenced on the 5th of March and continued till the first week of April, while the exams for Class 12 were conducted between 5th March and 13th April.

CBSE Class 10 results: Date of Declaration

Although the board has not announced the official exact date when the CBSE Class 10 results will be out. However, the results for Class 10 board exams have usually been announced in the last days of May or beginning of June. The exams were conducted in the month of March and April, which gives the board enough time to make sure CBSE Class 10 board results are announced without any hindrances.

Results in the year 2017

In the year 2017, CBSE Class 10 results were announced on the 3rd of June. Over 8 million students had opted to appear for the board-based examinations that year, while 7+ million students opted for the school-based exam.

The pass percentage in last year’s Class 10 board exam result declined to 90.65 percent as compared to a whopping 96.21 percent in board exams in 2016. In a rare event, the boys outshone girls in regard to the pass percentage, with 93.4 percent, an increase from 2016’s 78.9 percent, while the girls showed a pass-percentage of 92.5 percent which was higher than 88.6 percent in 2016. Over 2 million boys and girls scored a perfect 10 CGPA in the CBSE Class 10 results in 2016.

In regional data, the region with the highest pass percentage was Trivandrum, with a cool 99.85 percent, with Madras following on the second spot with 99.82 percent students passing the exam. Delhi region could not match up to the previous two, with a pass percentage of 78.09% a far call from 2016’s 91.06 percent.

CBSE Class 10 result: Anxious students?

Students are anxious about their CBSE Class 10 results this year, owing to a number of reasons. The first one being the fact that CBSE Class 10 board exams were made mandatory after 7 years, during which the CCE format of examinations was used. The second reason why students may be concerned about their results can be the huge commotion that happened around the alleged leak of the Class 10 Maths paper. The Board had initially announced that students of Class 10 may have to appear for a re-exam of Maths. However, this decision on the Board’s part was later done away with.

Things to know before you check your CBSE Class 10 Board result

Here are some things you should keep in mind before the day arrives when you log on to check your Class 10 result:

  1. Remain cool. You have already played your part in the exam process by studying hard and appearing for these really stressful exams. Practically put, there is no use in increasing your levels of anxiety right before you check your result
  2. These results are not the ultimate test of your life. Regardless of how you performed, keep in mind that these exams are just one of the many milestones that you will cross in your academic life. Do not place undue importance on your scores, and buck up for the challenges to come.
  3. Do not compare yourself with others. We often tend to judge our worth on the basis of how others are doing in their life. While this method of self-evaluation might seem handy, and necessary in the higher classes, class 12 board exams and competitive exams, Class 10 is when you can choose a stream on the basis of where your interest lies, without worrying whether you are better than your classmates or worse.

How to Check the CBSE Board Class 10 Result:

Here’s how you can check the much anticipated result for CBSE Class 10 board exams:

  • Click on the following link:
  • Type in your roll number and required details once this page opens
  • Press ‘Submit’ to get your results
  • You can print this result for future reference as well

Planning Ahead

Once you have checked your CBSE Class 10 Board exam results, you need to buckle up for the next step ahead: choosing a stream for Class 11. This is often a crucial stage for students since they can decide which stream of education they want to pursue their further education in. The three streams you can choose from are Science, Commerce and Humanities.

If you wish to pursue Science stream in Class 11, here’s an efficient study resource to study from. Check out:

For Commerce, click here:

For Humanities, click here: